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Bristol based hairstylist esme walton has a passion for vintage hairstyling. Creating bespoke rerto hairstyles and up-do's from the 20's to the 60's.

Go for something classic and authentic, or something with a modern sculptural twist, from fingerwaves to victory roles and beehives.

Shear Madness provides you with that touch of glamour from a by-gone era. Think Veronica Lake, Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Bettie Page...
Men, don’t feel left out. you too can have a spruce up, with classic
Short back and sides clark gable would be proud of.

Available for any occasion. Weddings, photoshoots, film, vintage fairs or just a night on the town.

Please contact for further info and prices.

I’ve been chatted up 3 times since
you cut my hair
magic in them scissors
Holly Butterworth

My gorgeous vintage hairstyle
really made my rockibilly
wedding in vegas
Liz Homfray

I always feel really pretty after you
do my hair. you make me feel like your
favourite client... it is such a treat
Mia Gilson

Thank you so much for my amazing hair art.
And impressively it’s still in place 24hrs later.
you always give me the style i’m hoping for
and know exactly what will work with my unruly hair.
Mel Scaffold


Esme Walton

esme at

07815 128 522

Also contactable via Betties & Baldwins

12 Small St, Bristol, BS1 1DB, UK
0117 239 8347